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Wax grinding - or other

Hello wax workers. Here’s my system for keeping wax dust - or any
other dust away from the workbench. My space is very small and needs
be multi-purpose, so I devised a system of multiple lunch trays -
color coded for wax or metal work - that fit into a dome of
plexiglass on a plastic base, open at both sides. A dear departed
friend, who was in the business of repairing and selling vacuum
cleaners, helped me when I asked for the quietest vacuum made. It
was an old SpeedQueen (filters still available). He then equipped me
with a verrrrrrrry long hose. This allows me to work with the
machine itself in an adjoining room, the hose end clamped to bench
and accessing the dome/tray, while I am grinding whatever in
blissful silence or listening to music. The plexi dome keeps me from
wearing a face shield as nothing, but nothing can jump out at me.
It may also be the answer to flying parts for some of you. This
wonderful device was purchased from Swest many years ago, but it
would be easy to design for yourselves with access to a good plastics
supplier - or they might make it up for you. If you use it for
metal, just change the filter and all your grindings will be in one
place. For wax, empty and keep in machine till next time. It has
made my worktime so much more pleasant and clean and my ears will
last much longer. In lovely No. Va. where the leaves are falling like
rain in the wind, Pat