Wax from mold cleaning

Dear All,

I used my wax injector (all programmable) to get wax for casting.

I usually don’t see defect on wax until the casting…

Some of my colleague told me about cleaning the wax and it will give better result and less finisshing.

Do you have idea how we can do it.


Rio makes a product called Wax Brite. A citrus based solvent. Used with Q tips and cotton balls to smooth the surface of the injected waxes.

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I use something similar to what Rio sells, Goo Gone, which is a citrus solvent. It dissolves wax. For me, old cotton tee shirt is my favorite applicator. Something that is low lint.

I’ve never used the Rio Grande product, but I’m sure it works great.

Hope that helps a bit!


thank you both for your answers.