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Wax Figure Catalog, How do I do this?

Hi, I am setting up my casting room. I have about 1000 molds at the
moment, most of these are donated but some are mine. I want to make a
catalog of these figures, and have been making samples. But before I
get to far along I would like to hear about ideas on organizing and
keeping track of them? Take pictures? Use the wax figure? Or a metal
one? Or ???. It is pretty complicated obviously. Also so I separate
them into categories like rings, earrings, components, pendants?
Misc? Or do I just do 1 catalog with everything mixed up? My other
issue is that being these are not mine to begin with, they have codes
on them, these come from about 3 or 4 sources, so they don’t match up
either. I don’t know that I can erase the black marker on them or
maybe I can. Ideas, I will appreciate this very much!

Laura & the Girls

Hi Laura,

If the marking on the molds is sharpie, isopropyl alcohol should get
it off. If ballpoint, try lighter fluid. (Be sparing with that. It
will go after the molds if left in contact.)

As far as organization: I’d do it by kind (ring/pendant/whatzits)
and then probably just a serial number. So “Ring 1, Ring 2”, etc.

Then shoot and cast one of each, to see if the mold still shoots, if
it shoots with reasonable effort, and if it shoots something you
actually want to make.

Then take a picture of the casting, and use that as your catalog
image. You can junk the casting (or not) after that. Your call.

Best of luck,

I would photograph the wax pattern as you are not going to get
bounce from the flash of your camera as you may do photographing a

As for cataloging them you could use a prefix and number system for
simplicity such as R001 for ring mould number 1 and if there is an
existing mould number then something like R001/abc123. This will
amke the patterns searchable by type or group.

When you photograph them just take the picture with a slip of paper
next to the wax for reference and make a note of the items in a
notebook (note corresponding image number as well) and mark the
moulds accordingly. Then write up the list in a spreadsheet so you
can sort them into groups later and keep a better track of what you
have done.

If you intend to publish the catalogue then add the images in the
spreadsheet. Crop every image to the same pixel dimensions so they
all look the same on screen.

Not as difficult as you may think but just time consuming to begin

Nick Royall

to remove permanent marker from plastic and rubber toys back in the
day of restorations I used the shout it out wipes. test an area
first to be sure it won;t destroy the rubber but it was so easy and
yes that is a top secret tip I am sharing lol

If you are going to take the time to photograph each model for a
catalog then organize it by use like finding or animals that way
when someone like me wants a dog they can find it and see other
animals it would probably up the orders gee I like that too is my
shopping mantra lol


Years ago I used to make plywood doors and glue a sample to the
boards with amold number. Today because of cost of metal I simply
take a photo with the mold number and keep it in a photo album.
Pendants in a couple albums marked as such and so on. I try to
separate them by subject. animal, art deco etc. takes up less space
and works great.