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Wax casting question

Wax cast question. Can I use a letter stamp to put words in a ring?
Would I need to heat the stamps? Would I stamp hard wax or weld soft
wax to a hard wax band? And how can I put words inside the band? Thx

Hi Brenda,

There are many ways to accomplish this, each will produce a
different effect. Some experimentation to compare the results would
be enlightening!

I often like a very crisp, tiny and intricate design reproduced on
wax. For this my favorite method is to take a black & white vector of
the design to a graphic die shop to be made into a magnesium plate. A
rubber mold is then made from the plate and used for waxes. Select a
wax with manipulation properties according to your needs.

Good luck! Debbie

You can’t really use a stamp in wax and get the crisp, precise
lettering that most people expect. You can try but you will just be
frustrated. You can try to carve it, but that is imprecise as well.
Or mold a photo-etched, flat magnesium plate, then shoot waxes but
that’s not a ring and it’s never quite as sharp as the first
generation anyway. This is one of the things that cad software and
3d printers do beautifully. You can try to stamp it after it’s cast
or engrave it. But the rings you see with lettering that looks
fairly perfect is mostly cad produced or post casting engraving of
some sort. Sorry