Wax carvings & bezels

Will, If you are having problems with “welded” seams in your waxwork,
I would suggest two things. “Tack” your pieces together using
"Sticky" wax. Then using “Inlay wax,” and a wax pen fill the
seam/small gaps.

At the moment I have a box of Kerr brand inlay wax, but there are
others. This wax when heated, flows like water between other waxes
– filling the joint completely. I believe your problem may be
caused by air spaces in your seam. One caution – this wax is
brittle, don’t flex the model if you are continuing to work it. The
joint will break loose and you will have to clean it up and weld it

If you need to smooth out any further imperfections, scratches, or
pits – try “Disclosing wax.” This wax is a thick cream consistency
and can be rubbed into and over areas that need smoothing. (It will
NOT work to hold any waxes together.)

Your waxes to fit oval faceted stones can be made a couple of
ways… There is a flexible “stepped” bezel wire that is available
in different heights and gauges. The step acts as the support/seat
for your stone. An oval mandrel to form the flexible wax over is a
big help. Simply wrap the wax wire over the mandrel to get your
shape and size, cut and weld with the inlay wax at the seam.

Carving a bezel from a block of wax is another option. Allow for a
"step" on the inside to act as a support/seat for your faceted
stone. There are various templates available to aid in laying out
ovals. Allow for 7% shrinkage, and leave yourself a little extra
metal at both the top and bottom in case you misjudge your first
dimensions a bit. Good luck!

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts

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