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Wax carving

I am interested in wax carving and have done a few pieces in the past
with good results(sharp ,crisp,and clean). Looking for advanced books
or vidios on this subject,I have found the selection limited. Any
recomendations would greately appreciated,Happy carving…
Sincerely, Jimmy


Modeling in Wax of Jewelry and Sculpture by Lawrence Kallenberg is a
standard reference for modelmakers. It begins at the beginning but is
very thorough and useful. If you mastered everything in it, you
would be a wax sculptor. It is available from the major jewelry
supply houses.

Practical Wax Modeling: Advance Techniques for Wax Modelers by
Hiroshi Tsuyuki and Yoko Ohba should also be along the lines you are
looking for. I do not have the book, but have looked through it,
and, as I remember, the creation of several complex rings with
ballerina baguettes, etc., is detailed. Also available from jewelry
supply sources.

I have two other books which have their own individual
recommendations on tools and techniques which I find helpful, though
not really advanced per se. One is Model Making for Jewelry Casting
by Richard Austin from Gemac Books. It is just 30 pages, and the
1978 price was $2.50. Many hints on making tools, texturing, making
stone seats, etc. I do not know if it is in print. The other is
Creative Wax Carving by Ruth Pierce. Ms. Pierce covers recycling
wax, making your own tools (such as using sailmaker’s needles and
bronze wool) and projects from rings to door knockers. She covers
hollowing out sculptures, making belt buckles and carving faces.
With these four books, I think you could spend years learning.

HTH, Roy