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Wax carving with UNIMAT CLASSIC 6 in 1 tool?


I must apologize, as I found the I needed about the
Unimat Lathe in the archives, from 2000. It seems it is not truly
worth the time or money, and I hear that the Matt products are good.
So I thank you for reading, and sorry to waste anyone’s time by
posting too early.


If you do consider a Unimat look for somethng like the Unimat-SL DB
200, a thing of beauty, made in Austria made of steel, not plastic as
is the version currently retailed.

Anyhow, Drew, may be useful…I have been using
EMCO UNIMAT tool for more than 20 years and I can say that it works
very well, not only in wax carving, but in metal as silver or copper
too. I’ve seen the new 6 in 1 at work two days ago… perhaps I
shall change my oldest one with it. Hope my answer help. GUS