Wax Carving Resources?

Can someone direct me to on wax carving? A book, a web
site, something?I have some ideas and I’d like to learn more about
it. I found some here on wax carving by Kate Wolf, but I
have more questions and I can’t really go to a workshop for days at
a time. I’d like to know what kind of wax is used for different
designs. When the model goes to be cast, what should it look like,
stuff like that.


I suggest you get a Rio Grande catalog and read their wax section.
The waxes are described as to their use and hardness and the tools
also are well described. I like Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and
sculpture, l by Lawrence Kollenberg…also in the Rio Catalog.

Mary Frances


To begin I would suggest two books to start with. In order they are
Basic Wax Modeling by Hiroshi Tsuyuki. Jewelry Wax Modeling by
Adolfo Mattielo. it sounds as though you have alot of specific
questions. What should a wax look like when it it is cast? The cast
piece will be a duplicate of the wax pattern. It will reflect all the
flaws and all of the detail, the wax should be as close to the
disired finish product as one can get. Let me know if there is any
questions I can answer.

have a Great Day.
Michael Goin

To get you started with wax work, here are three books to check out:

Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture by Lawrence Kallenberg

Practical Casting by Tim McCreight

and in addition to wax, everything else you may want to learn, The
Complete Book of Jewelry Making by Carles Codina

Enjoy, Marta

Thanks for the suggestions. I ordered a copy of Modeling in Wax for
Jewelry and Sculpture by Lawrence Kollenberg. It should be here in a
few days and I can’t wait to get started.