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Wax carving class in santa monica

What kind of work do you do? I’m a neighbor and recently took a wax
carving class in santa monica, but i’m looking for some new stuff to
learn. perhaps fabrication or setting. any ideas? do you show your work
anywhere local? -amery venice, ca

Hey Amery, I’m guessing that you took the wax class from Steve with the
store front on Main St.? Anthony Martinez at Venice High adult school,
formerly of Bourget fame was mentioned by several people, and he’s just
great…Hey Anthony, speak up, I know that you subscribe to this…Check
out Santa Monica College for some fabricating as well. Yeah, I show my
work all over the US in mucho many galleries, mostly on the east coast
strangely enough. Here in LA, my one-ofs are at The Lynn Doniger
Collection on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, and at New Stone Age on 3rd in
LA. Cast accessory line is everywhere, under my company name: Byzantia.
Best of luck, Lisa(giving away two female kittens I found abandoned in a
parking lot. Anyone want em? …They’re reeeal cuuuutte…)Topanga, CA USA