Wax carver

Hello “trauttmansdorff”

I was curious to know if you are a freelance modelmaker, and if so,
would you be interested in occasional projects thrown your way? I
used to wax carve full time and I still get requests occassionally,
which I turn away. I never have found anyone to refer my old clients
to. Actually, maybe first knowing where you are located would make
sense. I’m in Boston so most of my requests come from here and New
York ( where I did my time as a wax carvin’ fool). Does anyone else
take freelance wax work?

Thanks all!

Jade Moran Jewelry
Somerville, MA

I do free lance wax carving- Paula

Dear All,

An other instructor here at the Mpls Comm. & Tech College makes her
living as a wax carver. If you need another estimate on excellent wax
carving look her up at: http://www.mmwaxmodels.com. Both her intro
and advanced wax carving classes are always well received. The
courses are 2 semester credits and last for approximately 60 hours
each. What we offer is apprentice designed instruction, hands on
training and practice. Her name is Margie Mersky and number is

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson