Wax and lanolieum


Does anyone know of a good way to get melted and/or stepped on
wax off lanolieum w/o damage? I have several spots of blue
injection and soft wax on my shop floor caused by my kids playing
in the shop. All advice appreciated.


Not sure if it will work on linoleum but for wax on carpet use a
brown paper bag and an iron (for clothing) and simply iron the
paper over the area with the wax… the wax gets hot and the bag
sucks it up… You may have a problem with the dye that is in the



The best stuff I have found for disolving goopy stuff without
destroying the supporting material is a product called
Citra-Solv. This is a natural citrus based solvent that seems to
disolve stuff nothing else will touch. It smells nice and doesn’t
seem to damage most plastics. It takes off axle grease, those
stupid sticky labels, crayon and dopping wax so it should work on
model wax even better.

Citra-Solv - Chemipoint Products p.o. box 2597 Danbury CT
06813-2597 1-800-343-6588

I buy mine through Lee Valley Tool (http://www.leevalley.com) -
but there should be a source in your area. This stuff is so good
I had to get a bottle for my mother and my girlfriend so I could
keep mine for the shop! Reminds me I should get a few shop tips
entered too.

Hope this helps,
Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock

I’ve used a similar product - GOO GONE- which can be purchased
at Eagle Hardware and other Home Improvement outlets. A
contractor on our house turned us on to it.



My name is John Shanahan, and I’m the associate editor of AJM
magazine. I noticed your post on Orchid mentioning Citra-Solv.
In our upcoming issue, we mention that product. Can you tell me
if Chemipoint is the maker of Citra-Solv or just a distributor?
I’d appreciate the info.

John S.

Hi John,

Reading off the back of the label of my personal (and well
hidden) bottle of Citra-Solv I would have to say that Chempoint
is the Manufacturer.

I will repeat the info off the back - you should be able to
contact them at the 1-800 #.

Chempoint Products, INC.
P.O. Box 2597
Danbury, Ct 06813-2597

Should note that this product is not totally non-toxic, in
concentrated form it can damage eyes, skin (if not washed off
reasonably quickly), and should not be ingested. All that said is
still a far sight safer than most other solvents to use or be

Uses of this product range from washing windows to cleaning
furniture to disolving anything gummy. Another use not on the
label is it works great as a pet repellent (cats hate the

Another citrus based product I find works great is Permatex
citrus based hand cleaner called Fast Orange. My father - a
mechanic over the last 50 years swears by it. It seems to be able
to get anything off your skin while leaving the skin intact.

Hope this helps,
Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock