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Watts International Findings

I was just given your site and I’m very excited about it. For many
years we used findings purchased from a company by the name of Watts
International Findings. There address was 4111 So. Darlington,
Ste.709, Tulsa, Oaklahoma.Phone #918-665-8585. They imported the
nicest fine wire findings (heads and motion chatons for dangle
earrings and tennis style bracelets). They were made of fine wire,
light and polished before they were assembled. Like they are
supposed to be.

They were imported from Germany, manufactured by Kurt Winter. I lost
contact with Watts, but was able to get them directley from Kurt
Winter, via fax. Unfortunatley, I’m no longer able to contact them.
It has been sometime( several years) and I’d love to get in touch
with them again.

I would be very grateful if someone has heard,or dealt with either
of them.They would find an incredible findings source. I know it is
a very busy time of year. Any help or advice on contacting a company
over seas would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

The last address and I have for them is:

         Kurt Winter                                      
         D 7776 Owingen
         49 7551 1327 (fx)
         49 7551 1400