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Water torches that does not require potassium hydroxide


I’ve read that there are water torches out there that don’t require a
potassium hydroxide electrolyte solution. Does anyone know of any
specific brands?


Dear Ashley:

Actually there is a hydrogen/oxygen generator which does not require
an electrolyte solution. Our firm, Spirig produces this unit for
special applications. Our technology in this area is patented in a
number of areasand will be patented shortly “world wide” which means
wherever possible, as the majority of our other patents are. There
is a significant price difference (higher) when compared to our
standard units. Having said this, it should also be noted
hydrogen/oxygen generators from different firms have different
efficiencies, use different strength electrolytes. Some very
efficient units, like our multicell Spirflame[tm] only require a mild
electrolyte. Our Spirflame[tm] electrolyte is Potassium Hydroxide
diluted with distilled water. This chemical is alkaline. To
neutralize our electrolyte, we would use something mildly acidic. In
practice we use regular grocery store vinegar. Two parts vinegar to
electrolyte does the job nicely. We would change electrolyte in a
Spirflame[tm] every 2,000 to 2,500 hours of operation (yearly). Our
unit has an hour meter to register operational hours. If you want
more about this, our electrolyte, water welders in
general, or our system, please feel free to contact me directly.

Best Regards, Gary

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