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Water torch question the tool dealers/experts

Hey, quick question: Can anyone here tell me how much potassium
hydroxide to add to what volume of distilled or deionized water to
produce the proper electrolyte for first filling the electrolyte
reservoir on a “water torch”? The torch is a big blue box labeled
with the model number 2800, and I think that’s L&R, though memory is
dim on that. At one point I was told 10 ounces of potassium
hydroxide, but then was told there are several models of this torch,
and the larger version takes twice that. I’ve no idea which size this
is (how do you tell?). So the easiest would be the recipe with both
the potassium hydroxide and the volume of water to mix with it… I
know I can get premixed quart bottles of the stuff, but I’ve already
got the dry chemical, and it seems silly not to use it…

Peter Rowe

Hi Peter, If you have the L&R bottles of potassium hydroxide take a
gallon of distilled water and pour out a couple of cups of water.
Then add the entire contents of 2 bottles from L&R. Close the
distilled water bottle and shake to mix the chemical. Fill up your
tank to the appropriate level. If the tank is not full with the
gallon then just add distilled water to top it off the rest of the

Most torches won’t have a tank big enough to hold more than a

This should be all you need to get it working.

If you have another type of potassium hydroxide I am not sure the
amount you would need per gallon of water. It would depend on what
grade of chemical you have.

You could just add about 8 oz. to a gallon and try it. If it works
then you can use that if not add another 8 oz. It should work at that

Before adding any to your machine you should be sure your machine
works properly first. These machines are bombs and can explode if not
in proper operating condition.

Hope this helps.
Ken Kotoski

Peter, The units we sell and the directions call for 500 Grams per
liter of water. You can check how much water it takes to fill the
machine and then drain and refill with the electrolyte solution.
Some units call for different mixes but this should work on most
machines. I use it in my machine and have had very good results with
it. I do not have the manual on my machine either as it is from
Germany (I think). This mix works in both the Elma and Hydroflux
welders so should work but you might check with the manufacturer if
you know who they are. (We have the MSDS sheet on our web site and
it will give the mix)

Hope this helps.