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Water torch maintanence

Sorry I didn’t respond to this before but there is a salesman whom
is very helpful ok all water torch questions and figured he’d respond
asap. To answer your question, I went to the hardware store and got
a siphon. About $5, which has a small squeeze bottle to start the
siphon. Just put the plastic tube in the hole and the other end in a
bucket below the torch and squeeze to start the siphon.

If you have your torch on the ground, a siphon won’t work but a
turkey baseter might. Heck of a lot slower with more mess.

Good luck, hope this helps.

While I was waiting for my question to come through the list, my
husband managed to find the owners manual for my water torch, which
I did not know we even had.

In the manual, it suggested using the torch hose as the siphon hose
(!) to empty the electrolyte tank. So that’s what he did. He drained
it into a milk jug, and used the old electrolyte to unclog a
stopped-up drain… Mixed up new electrolyte, refilled it and made
sure the torch worked-- all before he told me what he was doing. It
works just fine, although the flame is still orange, which I had
thought would go away after the electrolyte was changed. I’m not
complaining–at least I didn’t have to mess with the chemicals! :’)

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry