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Water included Quartz

   Water Included Quartz Does anybody know about quartz with water
inclusions? The piece I have is about 20 mm (3/4 inch) long and
includes several pockets of water with black sediment and bubbles
that move when the stone is tilted. What is its proper name? Where
does it come from? Where is it available? What is its value? How old
is the water? How does it taste? Thanks 

They are formally called “Enhydro Quartz”.They are air pockets
occuring at the formation of the crystal,in which water is trapped. It
can occur anywhere but rare to the point it really has no commercial
value,a buyer and seller must reach their own evaluation in the
bargining.Your question about taste is covered in several articles
about a bad habit of some rockhounds to “lick” stones they find,they
don’t lick you,not advisable. Mark Liccini