Water Glass


Water Glass is Sodium Silicate. I bought some for the same purpose
at the corner drugstore here in Ketchikan (to stabilize a tufa stone
mold, one of many projects I haven’t gotten around to trying). I
would think if they have it here, it should be available in most any
drugstore/pharmacy. If not, I’m sure they could order it. My quart
bottle cost about $14.00. Ofcourse, everything is expensive here
(the classic explanation is shipping charges)

The container says it is used for sealing concrete floors, water
proofing, and gasket cement. Why do they sell it at a drugstore? I
don’t know.

I have read in several places that it is used to stabilize stones
such as turquoise as well.

Good Luck,

Chris Hanson
Abo Originals
Ketchikan, AK

btw: Since I haven’t used it yet, I haven’t downloaded a MSDS but it
does say to avoid contact with eyes and skin on the bottle. It would
be wise to check out the safety info before using.

I remember seeing it on drugstore shelves but in my town, big chains
have gobbled up the independent drugstores and while prices might be
better, I miss the old ones with the shelf of home chemicals. I miss
the smell of those old ones as well.

I also get things that I think that I will want to do some day. In
fact, I have some tulfa stone somewhere. One of these days!


Sodium silicate was commonly used as a binder for casting mediums
such as fine sand. It is hardened by carbon dioxide. A 3% mix with
fine sand and passing CO2 through the mould will instantly harden the
mould ready for casting. It is one of the main constituents of air
setting cements and mould/ingot wash.

Am I showing my age here ?
all the best,