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Water Faucet , vacuum hand pump

hello everyone,

If you need some vacuum and do not want to us electricity, why not
use a bicycle pump. The high pressure ones are perfect. You only need
to turn over the plunger so that the blowing sucking action is
reversed. Make on top of your vacuum chamber a one way valve, and
connect this with a small diameter hose to the pump. You get now the
same action, as the vacu-vin pumps to store your wine if you have only
drunk half a bottle. This thing can also used. But than you have to
pump a lot, and hard. Make a hole in the vacuum chamber, as large as
a bottle opening. Modify the vacu-vin pump , by placing a 3mm thick
piece of cork in the plunger of the pump. Now you make the dead area
chamber smaller, and can achieve a higher vacuum. Place the vacu-vin
pump on top of the rubber stop and do some arm work out. How ever a
bicycle pump is easier and can be used for larger chambers.

Martin Niemeijer