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Watching over my shoulder

When I am doing multiple video’s of gem-stone setting, I’m always
paranoid if my computer decides to die on me…:>( I bought a
"Terabyte, External Hard-Drive". As of now, I have all of my new
unseen video’s in a safer place. I can transport it wherever I go,
it measures only 2x3 inches or 1.5 times the size of a credit card.
The H. D.

cost has plummeted to as of having three dinners in a

I am now preparing loads of newer video’s just on Diamond Setting.
The first will be ‘released’ end of January. These will be as if the
jeweller is watching over my shoulder of everything I’m doing. These
will be better than some of the video’s on the Internet.

Gerry Lewy

Hi Gerry,

After multiple HD and CD failures, one of which cost me 50Gb of
customer and personal photos, I’ve become a big fan of RAID arrays.
Basically, a bunch of hard drives in a box that pretend to be one
giant hard drive. The advantage is that you can set it up so that
one or two of the 4-5 drives in the box are redundant. So depending
on how you set it up, you can lose one or even two of the drives
before you lose any data. And the thing starts screaming blue murder
as soon as a drive starts to act up, nevermind dying. So all you do
is buy a new drive, eject the old one, slap the new one in, and it
takes care of itself from there. 12 hours later, you’re back to
fully happy.

I’ve got a Drobo 5N, have had it for about 2 years, and am quite
happy with it.

I also have an offsite backup system. ( unlimited data
storage for $100/yr. (ish) It backs up my Drobo and my main system
every night. (well, more-or-less, once I got the drobo backed up to
start with.) The advantage to Crashplan is two fold: (A) heavily
encrypted. You can set it up so that the CP software encrypts all
your data on your machine, so it travels across the net fully
encrypted, and is stored fully encrypted. CP (or the NSA) can’t get
into it even if they want to. The drawback to that is you lose the
encryption key, you’re screwed. Nothing CP can do to help you. There
are less aggressively encrypted options for those who are so

The other nice thing about them is that they have a seeded backup
system. When you first sign up, you can pay a little more, and
they’ll send you a hard drive to use to load up as much data as you
can fit on to it. (1TB drive, which took about 1.7 Tb of data, due
to compression, when I did mine.) That way you can get at least a
good chunk of your data backed up fast, without having to stream it
across the net at all. (which is sloooooooooow.) They’ll also send
you a seeded recover drive if you ever need to do that, rather than
trying to download a couple of Tb across the net in a recovery
situation. By way of enlightenment, the 2Tb of data I had to back up
would have taken me about 6 months to transmit over the local cable

Hope this helps somebody.

this is my current profession.

For home use I’d recommend most of the home NAS - but I especially
like Synology

I’m also a fan of BackBlaze (online backup storage solution) - not
because I’ve used their product (I haven’t) but because they publish
a heck of a lot of data about disk reliability/costs etc.

Have a read of their blog - e.g.


I’m so glad you’re making these videos! Everything you’d sent me
about setting stones a few months ago has been invaluable. It’s taken
me quite some time to go through it all, but I’m so glad to have
learned so much.

You have a way of making things easier to understand, which I’m ever
so grateful for.