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[Watches] [Source] components for lapel


Does anyone happen to know of a source for retractable
spring-loaded holders/brooch components for lapel watches? I’m
not sure if this is the correct terminology, but I’m referring to
the watches that were worn as brooches but could be pulled out
from the pin part so that they could be read while still being
worn. I’m not sure from what era they hail but always think of
them as a turn-of-the-century phenomenon. Does anyone know
anything about them or have a reference source for information
concerning them? Linda M


Weren’t these on a chain of some sort? I thought they were from
the roaring 20’s They pulled down, the thingie was similar to
what keys are attached to these days . … round with a chain
thingie that pulled down. Sorry to say I have seen no
reproductions of this kind.


Ms Linda - an Over The River & Through The Woods suggestion: I
enjoy Agatha Christie’s super-sleuth Hercule Poirot. Nurses
(trench soldiers, certainly not management types) in these 1920’s
period pieces almost always have such a brooch/watch. When I was
in nursing school there were a few British nursing periodicals
available in the library. This type of watch appears so useful,
maybe it is still available!?