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Watch faces

Dear Orchid friends-- I want to say what fun it is to come, bit by
bit, to “know” those of you who are active members of this marvelous
community. I sometimes fall behind, but I cannever bear to just
"flush" any of the postings without at least a glance.

Now–I have a question that I hope someone out there has the key to.

I have begun adding watch faces to some of my bracelets, and the idea
seems to be a hit. The problem is that the selection of faces
available from Indian Jewelers and Rio are not all that I could wish
for, and my searches on Yahoo are not yielding the right stuff. I want
simple faces, preferably black, and small. Can anybody give me a lead?

Thanks for reading this, and 100 thanks if you can help! —Noel

Try Otto Frei - Jules Borel Jeweler supplies in Oakland California… order the catalogs. The watch parts catalog is over
200 pages itself

Daniel H.
St. Louis Mo

Hi, Noel. I had great luck visiting a watchmaker–he told me to come
back the next day, and I was rewarded with a handfull of exquisite old
bits–faces, gears, hands, springs and so on. Wonderful fun unique
details. Also, put the word out among family and friends; almost
everyone has an old no-longer-working watch they couldn’t bear to
throw out. These older pieces often have patina/character you just
can’t find in mailorder stock. And, of course, older women’s watches
is where you’ll find the really small faces–though less likely to be

Good luck…

Hello Noel,

You may try a company in Peoria, IL called Zantech. You can find
there website in a web search. You may also look in JCK magazine’s
supplier issue for watch dials. You may also go to yahoo and go to
yellow pages and search watch suppliers in your state. You may also
look on your web search for AWI (american watchmakers institute) and
also NAWCC (national association of watch and clock collectors).
Hopefully these will help you;
Scott Anderson

Noel, I needed watches so I typed in a search on Yahoo and ended up in
asia there are bunches of watch people on line with all types of
faces.J Morley Coyote Ridge Studio Where the coyotes are hot and cranky

If you want simple, inexpensive watches you might give Timex a call
or pull up their website. My husband puts them in sterling watch
cuffs. I was ordering from Sharp because of their lifetime warranty
but a few months ago they were bought out and were not taking orders
for two months and I had dealt with Timex before so went back to them
I have yet to recontact Sharp?? or whoever they call
themselves but plan to are a little harder to deal with than Timex but I like to warranty.