Watch crystal scratched

Hello Orchidland,

My Skagen watch crystal lost a battle with some rough rocks and the
surface is noticeably scratched. While I might regard these scars as
’patina from life’, if it is possible to smooth the scratches myself,
I’d like to do so.

Not wanting to replace the crystal and I don’t know if it is plastic
or glass. I suppose the hot needle test would tell me. Is that a good

I have Opticon and all manner of polishing abrasives - as common to
jewelers. Any suggestions for how I might reduce the scars?

Looking forward to input from those who know about watch crystals.

Judy in Kansas, who is trying to force amaryllis to bloom with roots
in water.

Judy- If it’s a plastic crystal you can polish it with Crystal
Polish. I’ve polished a jillion of the plastic watch crystals. The
crystal polish comes in a bar like tripoli or rouge. You can buy it
at most jewelry supply places. You’ll need a fresh clean buff. Be
very careful when polishing. It’s easy to over polish. I’ve seem
guys polish a hole right through the crystal.

If it’s a synthetic sapphire crystal then you’ll need good lapidary

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

  1. google for your nearest Skagen stockist
  2. Ask them for the spec of your watch.

Its unlikely to be plastic, most likely a toughened glass.

Platic can be re polished but you MUST not get it warm.

Toughened glass you will not do with compounds we use, I have a
Seiko that has this problem (not of my making) and I cannot touch the
scatches with anything, even cerium oxide on a hard felt bob. Skagen
is a Danish co. who will have their watches made in either Japan or
China. Considering their cost, its most likely to be anything but

My watch repairer cannot do it either, he would fit a new glass.

Let us know how you resolve this one.

Put the crystal to your forehead. If the crystal is plastic, it will
be warm. If the crystal feels cold, it’s a sapphire crystal.

Rick Powell