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Watch Brands

Anyone have experience with Belair Watches (New Jersey) in a retail
environment?, as compared to say, Pulsar or Citizen? Thinking about
picking up a line of reasonably priced watches but concerned about
brand recognition…

Gary Dirks
Redding, Ca.

Gary, We have sold Belair watches under our store name for several
years with good results. The cases are well made and the ETA
movements are fare more reliable than any Japanese brands, including
citizen and pulsar. The movements are readily available and can be
easily replaced, which is often more cost effective than repair. case
and bracelet parts and crystals are available from Belair within a
week You hit on the only drawback I have seen - name recognition. We
tell our customers honestly that this is the only watch available to
us that we would put our name on. the quality and reliability far
surpasses anything in its price range (ususally Japanese or Chinese).
Since I do the watch repairs for the store, it is the only watch we
sell and the only one we want to be responsible for.