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I would appreciate some advice on repairing my watchband. I have a
Raymond Weil “Fidelio” watch, with a lovely band. The watch was a
gift from a wealthy friend several years ago. I have worn and
enjoyed it 24 hours a day – the plating has worn down somewhat, but
it doesn’t matter to me, since it is brass underneath, so there is no
significant color change. What does matter is that the rivets are
breaking. Another type of band will not fit on this watch (even if I
could find one I like as well), and a new band would cost nearly
$400, which is out of my range. Through a jewelry store, I have
already paid $80 to have a jeweller fix some of the rivets, but more
are breaking (I got an original estimate of $60 to fix the rivets,
and when I picked it up, the salesperson said, Oh yes, it will be $80
because more broke while the jeweller was fixing it). Can anyone
suggest affordable options so I can keep on wearing this watch?

Thanks in advance!
Judy Bjorkman