Washington dc

hello there I am a jewelery maker in the UK,(portsmouth), but will be
moving to washington dc in the new year. could anyone enlighten me
with regards to shows/jewelery galleries in the area? also, are
there any suppliers locally? and finally, are there any
courses/workshops in any of the arts schools that might be
interesting to attend…? looking forward to a reply. katja

hello there I am a jewelery maker in the UK,(portsmouth), but will
be moving to washington dc 

Katja, I moved to the D.C. suburbs last year. I belong to the
Washington Guild of Goldsmiths…they have no meetings but sponsor
several workshops during the year. I have found only basic metals
courses at area colleges. There are no metals companies close enough
to visit in the area, but mail order is quick and there are numerous
sources all along the east coast. You can contact me off-list for
more Donna in Virginia

Hi Katja, Washington DC is a lovely place to live and I am sure you
will enjoy the area. Some of the nice shows that I am aware of are
the Smithsonian show, ACC shows which are located in many areas
including Baltimore (45 minute drive from DC), and also I believe in
Virginia . There is the Sugar Loaf shows which are located in
Gaithersberg, MD (around 30 minutes from DC), and Baltimore MD. To
find out the promoters and dates of these shows there is a book
called the Arts and Crafts Fair Source book which has phone numbers
, locations, and dates of shows all over the USA. There is also a
jewelery school in Baltimore that has a good reputation. The
Montgomery College located in Rockville MD which is 20 minutes from
DC will also have courses to offer in jewelry. There are some
suppliers in the area, however catalogues are available from
suppliers all over the USA, and it is easy to order whatever you
need. New York City is only a 4 hour drive , 3 hour train ride, or
1 hour flight if you need a lot of supplies. The restaurants and
shops are fabulous in Bethesda, MD which is only 10 to 15 minutes
from DC and.has every type of food imaginageable. Washington DC and
the surrounding areas has a considerable amount to offer. I hope you
will enjoy it.

Diane Sadel

My name is Jan Baum and I recently took ove the Metalsmithing &
Jewelry program at Towson University. I teach and coordinate the
program at Towson University which is just north of Baltimore (10
minutes to downtown) in Towson. The Art Department is large offering
both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Many of our students come
from within a wide geographical area around the Baltimore/DC area. I
would invite anyone who is interested in finding out more to contact

I am also currently serving on the Board of Directors for the
Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG, producers of Metalsmith
magazine) which is mentioned occassionally on this newsgroup. I would
direct anyone interested in finding out more about SNAG
to visit the web site at www.snagmetalsmith.com. I would be happy to
field any questions, suggestions, or feedback about the organization.
We have a wide degree of programming.

Jan Baum
(410) 704-2800