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Washers from metalliferous


Greetings! I just rcv’d some sterling washers I purchased form
Metalliferous and am extremely disappointed - not only are they still
warped from being punched out, but the center hole is not centered
relative to the outer diameter. Does anyone have an alternate source?
I really need these to be perfect. I could have done a better job on
my disc cutter!

Much obliged,
Jessica, sans washers, in SF


Good Luck trying to send them back - they are not very customer
friendly at Metalliferrous and that is why I stopped using them as a

Grace in Cleveland


jessica halgren said that the washers she ordered were not centered
and flat, and that she could have done as well herself. i had the
same problem with washers i had ordered from rio grande a while back.
i solved my problem by ordering circular blanks and
punching/drilling the center myself.

rio has the sterling discs (no hole) in their raw materials section
of their gem and findings catalog, page 43. i also bought blank
discs from indian jeweler’s supply (on page 4 of their materials
catalog). ijs had some sizes that rio didn’t offer: some metric
sizes that just fit the bill for me.

i then used transfer punches and a disc cutter to find the center of
the circle. i placed the blank disc on my work surface, put the disc
cutter on top of the disc with the cutter upside down so that it
would hold the disc firmly, and then slid the transfer punch into the
cutter to mark the disc.

by ordering the blank disks i didn’t have any silver waste or
mistakes where i didn’t get the silver positioned correctly in the

hope this helps,
jean adkins


I have know the people at metalliferous for over 20 years. If anyone
receives something wrong or not up to standards. Please call David
or Anthony and be sure the trouble will be corrected. These are great
people Andy “Tool Man” Kroungold