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Washer forming

Hello Ganoksiners,

I just posted the first in a series of three posts on my blog Bench
of an Apprentice about washer
forming. The post goes live August 16th.

Over the next two weeks I will explore this topic in more detail.

This series will not only show you how to form washers from strip
using simple tools but it will also show you how to make the
calculations necessary to create washers of desired size.

I have also embedded videos from others throughout the posts to
showcase the possibilities of washer forming and how this simple

As a bonus, in the third weeks post I will include a video that is a
slide show of the entire process. I am proud to announce that Thanks
to the support of two of my favorite musicians, Al Petteway and Amy
White ( and their distribution
company Maggies Music (, I was
able to cut the slide show to Mr. Petteway’s signature track “Caledon

Please don’t hesitate to Stop by my blog and take a look, tell me
what you think and leave a comment or two on this post series as well
as some of the other posts I have posted previously.

Take Care

Hello Orchidian’s,

This Tuesday August 30th, will be the final post in a series I am
posting on my blog, Bench of an Apprentice.

This weeks post has to do with the math of making washers from strip
stock as well as a video showing the entire process from start to
finish. The video shows the same example as the post series, the
results are repeatable.

If anyone would like to submit photos of how they have used this
washer forming method in their own jewelry work, please feel free!! I
will be glad to post a series on how other’s have used this
technique for everyone to see. My Email address is
[Dynastylab at gmail dot com]

I would like to thank Al Petteway and Amy White
( as well as Maggie’s Music
( for their support in allowing me
to use the music used in the video.

Please come by, check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you