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Warning on thaigem overpricing!

Hi list members,

I occasionally use for my gems. I have gotten both
average and outstanding stones from them. Recently they have
instituted a new service called “Make An Offer”. I made an offer on a
gem and then, went to look at their selection under direct sales and
discovered that they were the same gems. I then priced several items
that I was interested in from the normal sales and went back and made
offers on them all. After their haggling was over the upshot of the
matter was that their rock bottom price in the “Make an Offer"
section was 30% higher than buying it directly ON THE SAME SITE.
Rocks that were 20.99 each were priced from 29.99 to 32.99 “final
offer”, a stone that was 30.99 on the normal list was 37.99 on their
"final offer”. They take the rocks off their listing as soon as you
make an offer so beware. I would advise the list members to avoid the
"make an offer" section if they use thaigem since it seems to be the
"Pay us more because we think you will be too dumb to notice"

Alicia Miller