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[Wanted] Lead enamels

If anyone wishes to sell their leaded enamels, especially reds and
pinks, please contact me [betsylurey at aol dot com]

Many thanks!
Betsy Lurey

High leaded translucent enamels from Schauer et Cie Vienna, are
superb, as I used them many years ago.

However in that formulation of low temp enamels they couldnt make a
translucent pink or ruby red.

these colours are based on gold whatever temp range your working
with and were then very expensive. Tho they made every other colour. I
still have all my enamels here, and may just use them again.

I went there 3 times when I was researching the enamelling of
Faberge, then only true reds were in a medium temp enamel.

They had to be used on fine gold or on gold foil fused over a clear
like water base enamel first.

when they were used on copper, or silver.

Opaque reds and other opaque colours are much easier. You have to
have an oxidsing atmosphere in your enamelling kiln to use enamels.
Reducing atmosphere ruins the colours.

So if your the same Betsy who has problems with a rolling mill, then
youll need to outline what you want to do with the enamels in detail

so the collected wisdom of this forum may help you. You wont be able
to torch fuse with these high leaded enamels. Have fun

Dorset UK