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[Wanted] Jewelry/art to fund an AIDS orphanage


Hi All,

A good friend of mine, Martin Schmitt, the founder of,
and former VP or sold his business interests some years ago.
Since then, he has devoted himself to philanthropical causes.
Recently, he has gone to great lengths to found an orphanage for
children affected by AIDS in Haiti. The orphanage has been built
thanks to Martin and his partners. The fundraising site for the
orphanage is here:


There will be a silent auction to be held on OCT 18th to benefit the
orphanage. I am asking any of you who might find this worthy to
please donate an item for this auction. This is a wonderful and
selfless cause. I know Martin Personally. He is one of my neighbors
here in Topanga. If you are willing, please send a note offline to
me. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. The orphanage
is a registered 501©3. Your donation will be tax deductable.