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[Wanted] Hand engraver

Can anyone recommend a good hand engraver for signet rings, etc.
There are only a couple of people left in Connecticut who do this
kind of work and they are booked solid.


Carol… we do this very thing at our shop. I have working for me a
gentleman, whom I consider to be, one of the finest hand engravers in
the country.

If we can be of service to you please let me know… you may
contact me directly if you wish.

I would reccomend Rick Sumner at Sumners Engraving. I believe he is
still at 1041 derbigny st. Gretna,.La. 70053 1-504-361-3611. Great
people and great work.

Bruce Burgess

There is an extremely skilled hand engraver in San Francisco: Hratch
Nargizian; his studio is Rhyton Studios in the Phelan Building in
downtown San Francisco. We’ve worked with him a number of times.
Phone number is 415-433-9645.

Terry Binnion
General Manager
James Binnion Metal Arts

I’ve only used them a few times so far but Church & Co. in Toms
River N.J. gave me some outstanding engraving. They are primarily in
the finished goods business but I infer from their catalog that they
do outside engraving too.

I can highly recommend Melissa Veres, a fellow Orchidian. She’s
located on the northern PA/NJ border (I forget which side of it,
tho!). I believe you can reach her at

You can also check the Orchid archives for contact info for her. Her
work is exquisite and very competitively priced.

Good luck,
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry