[Wanted] Edinburgh Jeweller

A woman from Edinburgh recently touring New Zealand bought a ring of
mine from a gallery in Wellington hoping to walk into a jeweller at
home and get it sized from K1/2 to M.

Well it’s an unusual ring and really needs to be cold-sized by
removing metal from the stg shank. The shank is a sturdy 5mm x 2mm
half-round profile. By my calculations the ID needs to be increased
from 16.2mm to (approx) 16.79mm. That’s about 0.6mm total to be
removed. Less than 0.3mm all round the inside of the ring shank.

Is there a chance someone here could look at this job? Or recommend
someone local? Contact me offline for details of the ring and the

Thanks in advance.

B r i a n A d a m
e y e g l a s s e s j e w e l l e r y