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Waitlisted....But my medium is changing

Hi Everybody:

I have been put on the waitlist for the Stowe Fall Foliage Festival
in Stowe, VT and also the waitlist for Crafts at Lyndhurst, New York,
for Oct and Sept (respectively) for this year.

I was wondering, my medium is changing from all beads to beads and
metal gradually. I have added some ring designs which may up my
chances for getting into future shows. I was thinking of sending a
follow-up email to the shows’ directors to let them know that I have
expanded my line of work to include new items like the ring shown on
my home page Maybe this will help them
think of me if a spot opens up?

Also, I always wonder (because I have been waitlisted before) about
the show itself. Is there anyone who would be willing to email me in
regards to how much I should have with me in inventory and how much I
might hope to sell?

Thanks so much,
Kim Starbard

Hi Kim,

I too am waitlisted for a show for this year, for the first time. I
can’t say for sure that it doesn’t work different ways for different
shows, but I would say there’s no reason to send them anything to
try to boost your chances for getting in. When they did the jurying,
everyone was ranked. You did well enough in the rankings to be
allowed into the show, but (especially since jewelry is the most
popular category) the quota for your category cut the entries off
before they got to your spot in the list. But your spot is your
spot. When the list changes due to someone cancelling, they don’t go
back to the waitlisted people & rejury them to see to whom they
should award that spot, they just go to the next person on the list
in the order as it was created during the original jurying.
Unfortunatley, you must simply wait and see what happens.

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