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I have a “KARAT” vulcanizer which has quit working. When I
bought it, the supplier told me it was from Pakistan. The
thermostat has gone out, and I can’t find anything to fix it with

  • even after traipsing up and down 47th street in Manhattan. Any

Laura, Take the whole thermo switch out and take it to an
electricians supply house. They should be able to replace it. You
could try the W.W. Grainger catalogue as well

Hi Laura: If you can’t send your machine back to manufacturer try
calling Gesswein in Bridgeport Ct. they have a toll free # they
might do it or know where you can get it done. Happy Holidays
We update Weekly!

Two suggestions: Grainger or KPC Masterscraft. If Grainer
doesn’t have it, tell Tim at KPC that Penny gave you his number
to get some info on the thermostat. He can tell you where to get
a thermostat if his won’t do for you.

His # is 1-800-594-2205

Hope you find it!