Vulcanized molds refuse to fill


One question comes up though on the golden river (interesting name
that) additive. I use Plasti-wax as my main injection wax. Will the
golden river work with this very plastic wax? 

It should.

About the name – yes, the associations have occurred to me - but it
is golden in color and flows like a river.

Go figure out people’s minds…


Dear Kathy,

I'm currently using the Kerr Accu Carve purple injection wax. Will
the Golden River additive change the carveability (is that a word?)
of the wax I'm using? Even if I get the mold to fill properly, I
will still need to make some modifications to the resulting wax
models before casting them. 

It might. I guess it depends on the proportions.

We have ANOTHER wax – not an additive this time – that both flows
like water and is carvable. Give me your shipping address and I’ll
send you a sample of both.

Michael Knight
CASTALDO & F.E. Knight Inc.
120 Constitution Blvd
Franklin, MA 02038

For the sake of very special memories they would like to have it
recast into a new ring that they can wear for another 20 years or
so. In your example you would turn this person away instead of
helping them relieve their grief. 

First off, I don’t believe that most of the threads here deal with
this sort of issue. I’ve found that most non-model makers make a
piece of jewelry and mold it, and then have problems, rather than
making a Model of a piece of jewelry, which is what I was addressing.
But your point is well taken - that there are extraordinary times,
occassionally. In this example, though, the same issues apply. Making
a grieving family a mold that will not shoot waxes accomplishes
nothing. It is the jeweler’s job to guide them through a process that
will give them the product they want, and if that means reshanking
rings or repairing them to get them in shape for molding, then that
just has to be done. And I mentioned before burning the rubber to open
it up in various ways, and this is where that might happen. But the
base never changes: If you don’t mold a decent model, you won’t get
decent waxes, and that never changes. There are things - thickness,
spruing, and etc., that just have to be, to be successful.