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Void on setting information


Setting of Gemstones - Walter Zeiss 
Master Stonesetting - Vol. 1 & 2 - Gerald Wykoff - ISBN 0-9607892-3-5
The Art of Diamond Setting - Ray Schow 

Diamond Setting - Robert Wooding - ISBN 0-9613545-1-8
Channel Setting Diamonds - Robert Wooding - ISBN 0-9613545-3-4
Bead Setting Diamonds - Robert Wooding - ISBN 0-9613545-2-6
The Diamond Setting Manual - Robert Wooding - ISBN 0961354550 (This is the 
newest one for which I have just finished a review -- the best yet!)

(Robert’s books & tapes all mention “Diamonds” in the titles - but
the basic techniques are applicable to colored stones IF you make
the proper allowances for the more delicate stone species)


Diamond Setting - Robert Wooding
Channel Setting Diamonds - Robert Wooding
Baguette Diamonds - Robert Wooding
Pave - Robert Wooding
Fancy Cut Daimonds - Robert Wooding
Bezel & Flush Setting (Two volume set) - Blaine Lewis

More books: 

Engastes con Granos - Jorge Alsina Benovente
Engastes Y Engastados -  Jorge Alsina Benovente
Engastes de Patillas Y Garras - Jorge Alsina Benovente

(I know, I know, I’m leaving out the Japanese, Italian, French, and
German books - but these are the ones currently in my library)

Then there are about a hundred other books that have some mention or
illustration of stone setting… Alan Revere’s, The "Practical"
series, and “At The Bench” AJM series come to mind. Same with
videos, there is some stone setting in the GRS series of tapes for

And I’m sure there are many I missed… Want more? If you are
already proficient in EVERYTHING contained in these works, it may be
time to consider writing or recording your own – as I am currently
doing. It’s hard to write, Illustrate or record things that aren’t
already done to death in what I list above…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms

Hi, Brian-- You seem to know your setting books really well-- maybe
you can help me out (or anyone!)

Doug Tourett suggested to me that the best way to put a sphene in a
ring was to bezel set it from the back. At the time, I thought, “Oh,
right! Great idea!” But when I sat down to figure out a design, I
got stuck. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this. I would love
a work devoted to various kinds of bezel settings (since I was not
able to get to Doug Zaruba’s workshop at Revere :>( ) Is Blaine
Lewis’ set the way to go? I took stone setting 1 from him, and think
he’s great.


 Like my fellow Canadian, Gerry, I would love to share "secrets"
of stone setting before I shed my mortal coil. Anyone who is crazy
enough to enter this kind of work environment needs a good mentor
as well as a psychiatrist. 

As a student of Gerry in his class at the community college in
Toronto, Canada, let me also express my thanks. Gerry is generous to
a fault. He willingly and freely donates his time out of the
classroom, inviting students to his office/studio and picking up
supplies for those students who cannot readily get to the suppliers.
As a downsized executive from a multi-national corporation at 50
years of age (unrelated to the jewellery industry), I have chosen to
make jewellery and making wax models as a second career. Gerry has
acted as a real mentor to me and sets an example to all of us who
use, and hopefully contribute, to the orchid community.

I also have first hand experience of closing a manufacturing
facility in Canada, working myself out of a job, while millions of
dollars are invested by the corporation in building and expanding
factories in developing countries; and in general quality has
suffered. But a new trend is developing! Some of the products now
made in North America are beginning to become of inferior quality,
while prices remain high. Too many companies that are trying to
remain in business are taking cost costing to the extreme, and
offshore product quality is better or equal. I pay a premium for
products manufactured in North America and expect excellent quality,
but some of the recent findings I have purchased made in North
America, at twice the price of offshore, are inferior and of poor
quality. But enough of my spouting. Where ever you are, always
ensure you make the best product you can and be proud of it. People
are still willing to pay for quality, in design and workmanship -
never sell yourself short. This is a lesson I am learning as I start
my new career.

Richard Dubiel
Tel 905.566.0950
Fax 905.290.9398

Sitting here and smiling!

got a little secret for you all on Orchid! (Joel S. knows the story)
last September I was with my wife and went to a restaurant to have a
light meal (nosh). I had some French Onion soup and unbeknown to me
was a 2+ inch Bay leaf…it got royally stuck in my oesophagus,
Heimlik manoeuvres were of no avail, as I was writhing on the floor
barely breathing, I prayed almost out loud…“L-rd, this is not the
way to die” after being rushed to the hospital and went into surgery
to remove this leaf. I vowed to pass on to as many of my friends all
that I know and to teach as many folks as I can…“my payment” is
the knowing that my experience and knowledge is being given to all
of ‘you’…the almighty dollar is not as important as it used to
be…those who wish to pay for my time may do so, in the form of
giving to the “Crohn’s and Colitus Foundation”…;>( so I am here at
the pc looking at all of the very kind words being passed onto me.
I am really smiling, I look at the names that appear on the screen
"you are my friends". Although some of you I will never have the
chance to meet, some of course have met me and sat beside me at my
shop and have taken notes…Delane, Richard Dubiel, Stephanie Morton
and many others over the past three years, imagine the loss if my
time was stopped short three months ago??? perish the thought,eh? I
still now shudder…“what if !” I will never say that my setting
methods are the best…but I am offering another option of setting
stones, if it works for you, apply it to your daily projects,… if
not…oh well !..:>) Gerry!