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Vitreous enameling torch options and creating fine lines

I own a kiln and a Smith Little Torch. I want to try enameling beads–can I mount my Little Torch to the bench and use it? Will the rosette tip be the tip of choice? Should I just spring for a Hothead?

What method of firing beads is your favorite? Kiln or torch?

Secondly, which Thompson enamel and what form (wet or dry) do you use to make very fine lines and what is your implement of choice-nib, brush, toothpick or what-have-you?

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Ask your question on any facebook group that covers vitreous enameling, like The Enamelist Society (join, join, join); Enamels Guild Northeast, etc. You’ll get thorough answer to your questions. Also, check out this book: Also, ask Anne Havel who is the Empress of torch-fired enamels:


Wow! Thanks for the great resources and your willingness to share.

In the meantime, I’ve chatted with the folks at Painting with Fire and they tell me my Smith Little Torch would work. I will post again after I check out your resources.

Many thanks!

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