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Visiting pearl farms

Has any Orchidians (or assoc.) ever visited a South Seas pearl farm.
I would like to tour a farm on my trip the end of june and want to
know how to arrange such a visit. Any advise would be appreciated.Thomas

Hello Thomas,

I’ve been in Thailand a few years ago and visit a south sea pearl
farm over there which was very interesting to me.The guy showed me how
the shell is been introduced in the mother of pearl and gave me a
bunch of It’s a one day trip starting at Puket.Food and
trip was included in the price of 100,-Bath (can’t remember how much
it is in dollars).So if Thailand is on your list,this is a must to see
and check the local jewelry stores for nice stones and beautiful

Regards Pedro

** Hanuman’s note: As a long-timer Thai resident, a friendly advise.
Enjoy your visit, but do not buy anything from the gifts shops. It’s
a rip off price speaking…