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Visiting Birmingham, UK

Hello All,

I will be visiting Birmingham, UK, April 9th to the 17th. I will
also be spending a brief time in Oxford and Redhill too. Are there
any attractions that I must see as a goldsmith? Also, are there any
list members who would be willing to let me visit? If so contact me
off list.

Thanks ever so much,
Scott Garrison
in wet wet Oakland, CA (the sun will come out tomorrow)

Today is Sunday here in the UK, so I wont be able to make some calls
till tomorow.

then ill get some answers for you as to who might be willing to show
you around.

  1. Th B’ham jewellery quarter Called Hockley, is about 1/2 a sq mile
    of workshops and stores making mainly trade items for UK retail
    outlets. The tool shops there are a must to browse around. there are
    several close to the center.

Then theres the Jewellery quarter Museum. also a must see. A fully
restored Victorian workshop with all the old equipment, drop
hammers, die stores and benches. Youll need to allow a couple of days
at least to get to know the area. Youll need to keep asking who else
should you visit?

The quarter mechanised about every thing they could to cut down on
the production time.

As for Redhill, Icant help there but in central london in the Soho
area, there are a no of goldsmiths workshops making for the Crown
jewellers Garrards. A good friend runs one. will call him to check
his opening times.

Will write again tomorrw.

Hi All,

Coincidentally, I’ll be passing through Birmingham in early July, so
any suggestions for the days around July 4th would be appreciated.



Ted has given you some good suggestions for visiting Birmingham, UK.
You can google Jewellery Quarter Birmingham, UK and find some sites
that will help you locate things of interest. In addition to Ted’s
suggestion of the Jewellery Museum (check on tour times, and call or
go early to reserve a time), I suggest that you go to the Jewellery
School on Vittoria Street----a wonderful school with 13 studios! You
should call ahead to see if you can get shown around. They usually
have a lot of lovely student stuff on display. In fact, check the
web site—maybe there’ll be a “short course” (Brit for workshop)
that you can take!

Next door and down the alley is Sutton Tools (they carry the
Eid-Longhi Anticlastic Stakes—tell them I sent you!). Across the
street is Cookson. On the corner is another tool store, and across
the square, near a great coffee and tea place is Walsh’s. It’s fun to
see what is the same, and what is different there.

Go for a walk along the canal. Sit in a caf=e along the canal and
watch for a barge to go through a lock.

Go to the Birmingham Museum of Art. There’s an interesting-sounding
show on of " the little-known subject of “lover’s eyes,” hand-painted
miniatures of single human eyes set in jewelry and given as tokens of
affection or remembrance. In 1785, when the Prince of Wales secretly
proposed to Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert with a miniature of his own eye,
he inspired an aristocratic fad for exchanging eye portraits mounted
in a wide variety of settings including brooches, rings, lockets, and
toothpick cases."

Cynthia Eid

Hi Cynthia

The lover’s eye jewelry show is at the Birmingham Museum of Art in
Birmingham Alabama, not the UK. The pieces are owned by a couple in
Mountain Brook AL.


Visit to Goldsmith in London UK.

I regret to have to say that my goldsmith friend has been obliged to
reduce his business to purely design and out workers on account of
ill health. He no longer has a working shop. So dont have any one to
suggest you visit.


Hey - sorry late chiming in here. Im based in birmingham and would
be more than happy to show anyone heading over around -
unfortunately Im in thailand the dates you mentioned Scott :frowning:

As for places to visit, the Jewellery Quarter museum is nice to see.
If you are looking for interesting jewellery though unfortunately you
are in the wrong spot - birmingham jewellery quarter is filled with
stores selling exactly the same commercial jewellery - every single
store (I was bitterly disappointed when I moved here). Tool stores -
we have nice tool stores - but they charge up to double of what you
would expect to pay in the US and generally at least 25% more.
Apparently everything that goes on here in the JQ is behind closed
doors - all the good stuff is made here but shipped to london :frowning:

The school here is nice to see (but its just workshops) its big
though and sometimes has some half decent exhibitions on. Its worth
popping in if for nothing else but to chat with the guys who work as
technicians in the basement - Paul and Al - these guys have a
solution for everything!! The Classes they teach part time here seem
to be half half on the good and bad front - I had enrolled in three
evening classes and don’t attend any after only a few weeks - the
local instructors were average at best :frowning: - although I was spoilt
with some of the best teachers in the US! Cheers Blaine Lewis.

However for just hanging around and if you want to experience some
of the friendliest pubs in england you will love the atmosphere! I
would recommend the Red Lion or the Lord Cliffden amongst others.
And we have some amazing restaurants in the JQ too.

Anyway - anyone coming to brum - just drop me an email and i’ll be
happy to show you around.

Lucy - in Sunny thailand :slight_smile:


I am happy to show you round the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. I
taught at the School of Jewellery for 28yrs so have been in touch
with them and we can lay something on for you

Please make contact
Hamish Bowie

I have no idea if they are available but there could possibly be
tours of the assaying office or is it a closed shop due to security?

I will get in touch with them and sort something for you. Can you let
me have the dates you are coming. There is also the pen museum, the
Midlands Art Centre which has workshops and exhibitions. I will sort
out an itinerary for you. can you refresh me on your dates.