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Visiting and a possible move to Shanghai


I am going to be visiting Shanghai, China for two weeks starting
August 30th. With a very possible move there for at least one year
at the beginning of 2010.

I would appreciate any on things to do/see during my
visit and any on living there while still being able to
torch? I mostly do chain work (no solder) or wire weaving but do also
fuse and solder. I will so miss my torch for a whole year. Most of
our household will be going into storage but we will have one
container shipped there.

Thank You in advance!
Wendy Duggan



I have never been to Shanghai but spent many years in Taiwan between
the mid 1950’s to the 1970’s. Whilst there I befriended many Chinese
lapidarys and jewelers…thats where I learned the trade! You will
have no problem doing the same in Shanghai as Chinese are very
gregarious friendly people and they enjoy interaction with Americans.

There is one kicker though. It REALLY HELPS TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE. I
was trained as a Chinese linguist and, at the time, was bilingual. My
language skills have slipped over the past 40 yrs but I still can
hold my own.

The Chinese LOVE foreign people who can speak their language. Even a
little bit.

Woudln’t worry about a torch. You can get one there…if not a nice
modern one (made in China), the traditional Chinese gasoline torches
are readily available. I hope you have a very enjoyable time in
China. I did!!

Cheers, Don in SOFL



I just came back from a three week vacation in China China is an
amazing country with lots to do and see We spent about 5 days in
Shanghai and the surrounding areas I am not aware of any jewellery
related attractions around Shanghai. They are in the midst of getting
ready for the worlds fair which starts May 2010.

There is a huge amount of construction going on, causing major
traffic jams. Allow lots of time to get from place to place.

English is not widely spoken. It would probably be a good idea for
you to learn Chinese if you plan to live there.

While there we visited the Shanghai museum, walked along the Bund - a
historical area, travelled to Hangzhou which is a very nice lake town
about two hours drive from Shanghai Lots of shopping opportunities if
that is what you enjoy both on the upscale Nanjing Road and Old
Market which is a bargainers paradise. If you have time you should
tour a silk factory or a silk museum in Suzhou, about 2 hrs drive
from Shanghai. The process of making Silk is very interesting.

Good Luck in Your Journey