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Visit to the zero-D factory

hello everyone - this past monday i got to do somthing ive been
wanting to do for a long time, i went for a visit to the zero D mold
rubber factory in wiloughby ohio. a 2 1/2 hour drive from my place,
John was there, Bill was away on company bizz. the first thing i
realized after i got there was that John actually makes the silicone
mold rubber ! i mean he gets bags and lumps and stuff that he mixes
together and has his own special secret formulas much in the feel of
if you made a cake from the out of print " joy of cooking" cookbook !

after they mix raw ingredients they feed the stuff through 20 foot
high by 15 foot wide rubber sheet machine that was redesigned and
rebuilt from a tire factory. so not only do they mix, melt, form and
process rubber from scratch they have to build thier own special

these people are the embodiment of the entrepanuers greatest

one of the things i learned was this zero d silicone mold rubber was
the first on the market before the other guys John has been doing
this since the early 90’s.

so… what john did for me was take some of my master models, i
brought my worst offenders and he looked them over and chose the
right rubber to get the best results in an injected wax model.

the results were stunning this guy is a genius he not only knows
chemistry of rubber ingredients, he can look at the master ring model
and visualize wax fill & flow in his mind he can see the air moving
through the mold and out of the vents, john knows exactly where to
put parting lines before he makes the first cut. if any of you are
having trouble with rubber molds zero d rubber will fix it. all of
this might sound too good to be true but i can assure you it is true
well best regards look them up on google later