VisiJet HR200 rapid prototype models burnout


I am starting to work with Projet HD300 production system resins
using HR200 resin/wax models. I am using Ultravest MAXX investment
and using de-ionized water and following the burnout protocol
recommended by the company as follows:

15 hours cycle - up to 4x8" flask (I use 4x6")
2 Hrs. @ 300 F (149 C)
2 Hrs. @ 600 F (315 C)
2 Hrs. @ 700 F (371C)
3 Hrs. @ 900 F (482 C)
4 Hrs. @ 1350 F (732 C)

2 Hrs. Heat Soak at Mold Casting Temperature (usually 900-1100
depending on what is being cast)

I am getting decent results but most of the time I am experiencing
some pitting and small areas that look as if the investment shifted
or did not fill. I AM doing some pretty intricate patterns but have
never had trouble when using regular wax, only with the resin pieces.
I am wondering if anybody has any insight as to why I am getting this
pitting and surface deformities?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!
Sean Terry