Visible prices

Hi all Speaking from my experience, I have found that my customers
are mostly (about 80%) mature females with middle to upper incomes,
and often a career. If I do not have prices showing on the majority
of my pieces, especially the more expensive, they will comment to
their friends on the ‘nice pieces’ and walk away. Like Kay, they do
not wish to talk to me unless they know they can afford the pieces.
Funny enough I found this to be true even when I worked in the
Jewellery store. I was always telling my boss that she needed to have
more price tags visible. Of course they had to be classy looking ones
and not just an Avery label with inked in prices. Even now my prices
are printed on a tag that describes the piece and its stones and has
my logo on it.

I still find it easier in general to sell to men. They are less
likely to quibble prices and pay the ticketed price. Usually they are
buying for someone special and like to brag about how much they spent
on a gift as if the more expensive means better quality. Though they
usually have a pretty good eye for quality. I have even had them tip
me further as they felt I deserved extra for spending time talking
and describing the items. The women are more likely to ask if that is
my best price, though that is not as much a problem now that I carry
a larger selection of better quality and higher priced items. If a
product was under $20, many people thought that if they bought more
than one (usually 2 :-)) they qualified for a discount. I also get
the odd senior that asks if there is a senior discount. I just
remind them that even if their pension is low, it is better than what
will be available when I am old enough to get a pension and I have to
work extra hard now so I can look after myself later.

The other thing I do not do is put things on sale as then everyone
seems to think if they wait it will get cheaper. In the jewellery
store I actually had people ask when our next sale was. The only
thing I discount now is the odd discontinued item, or a damaged item
(usually a broken crystal).

Happy selling everyone. May this be your best year yet.

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady) K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.