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Virus Warning (YAK)


Don’t download anything called ‘penpal greetings’, as detailed

This is a warning for all internet users - there is a dangerous
virus propagating across the internet through an e-mail message
ENTITLED “PENPAL GREETINGS!” This message appears to be a
friendly letter asking you if you are interested in a penpal, but
by the time you read this letter, it is too late. The “trojan
horse” virus will have already infected the boot sector of your
harddrive, destroying all of the data present. It is a self-
replicating virus, and once the message is read, it will
AUTOMATICALLY forward itself to anyone who’s e-mail address is
present in YOUR mailbox! This virus will DESTROY your hard
drive, and holds the potential to DESTROY the hard drive of
anyone whose mail is in your inbox, and who’s mail is in their
inbox, and so on. If this virus remains unchecked, it has the
potential to do a great deal of DAMAGE to computer networks
worldwide! Please, delete the message entitled “PENPAL
GREETINGS!” as soon as you see it! And pass this message along
to all of your friends and relatives, and the other readers of
the newsgroups and mailing lists which you are on, so that they
are not hurt by this dangerous virus!

Nice people out there, eh?

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\
/ / \ \

/ (___)


thank you my friend for the warning, you’re a good man


Virus warnings are internet hoaxes! You CANNOT get a virus from
reading a text based email message. The only way to get a virus
on the internet is by downloading intentionally a piece of
software or getting and unsolicited file attached to your email
and you’d have to use that attachment application for the virus
to take hold. I sure am getting tired of these virus

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Dave Stephens wrote:

Virus warnings are internet hoaxes! You CANNOT get a virus from
reading a text based email message.

Of course they are. If you had taken time to notice the (YAK) in
the subject heading, you would have read the message for it’s
humour. I don’t think that any virus in the known world would be
able to physically scratch your CD, not to mention chasing the
neighborhood children with your snowblower! Lee Marshall Bonny
Doon Engineering