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Virus warning - again

G’day; I have recently been receiving the SIRCAM virus at the rate
of around 3 per week, and this morning I got three copies - each had a
different name as sender. They come in two parts; part one says that
the sender ‘sends this for your advice’ and the sender names are
either very similar to those of some Orchid members, or they are
Spanish. Part 1 seems to be innocuous, but DON’T OPEN PART 2 for that
let the virus in to your computer. If on receipt, you select the
suspect mail in your in box then press ‘shift+delete’ the message
will be wiped completely instead of just going into the ‘trash’ bin.

My server, who lives locally, told me on Saturday that he is flat out
on visits to resurrect his client’s computers which have succumbed to
one of the dozens of viruses that are going about. His really bad
news is that some of the new ones don’t even have to be opened to get
in. He added that the only remedy is to install a good virus shield
and frequently update it. The world is gradually being taken over by
evil. – Cheers now,

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ