Vintage book chain


I am trying to find a wholesaler who sells book chain. One vendor
said they couldn’t find it in the USA and suggested checking China. I
am new at stating my jewelry business so I don’t know about
contacting wholesale over seas. I can’t find anything on
of wholesalers who sell this type of chain.

Here is a link to etsy which has pictures of the specific type
of chain I am looking for:

If anyone could help me in what direction to where I can locate this
chain wholesale, I would greatly appreciate it very much.

Thank you,

Bonnie Earnest
Dirah’s Hidden Treasures

Hello Bonnie

Your photo looks much like “baht chain” that I found in Thailand. It
was high Karat gold and would be expensive today. Don’t know if it
would be available in brass or cheap plated metal. Good luck with
your search, Judy in Kansas, where temps are unseasonably WARM! Break
out the bikini! Not a normal weather pattern for sure.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all the great help. I have found one comapny
that makes the book chain like I am looking for but it isn’t
wholesale. Here is the link to the different metals of book chain:

Also, it will be great that Rick mentioned about me making my own
chain. I will learn more about my metalsmithing skills learning to
make this chain.

Thank you,

Follow up, I have contacted and they will give me a
discount on purchasing 100 ft of the chain. I am pleased with the
company willing to work with me for a discount on top of their sale
going on right now.

Thank you everyone,