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Vigor Vacuum Unit problem

Well…just maybe I have at last (5 years or more), found the
problem with my Vac Casting…poor connector form the motor to the
Vac. Engine… but…

The motor and Vac unit are ‘joined’ together with a ‘’’ Lovejoy ‘’'
coupling. Visits to my local ‘funny parts’ stores have suggested
that there are many types of Lovejoy connector.

A lovejoy connection, for those (as I was) uninformed people, is a
connection for 'things that required connection but the union is not
perfect… that can be off a bit!.. A love joy connection is a ‘look
like’ gear placed on the shaft of a motor and one on the Vac Engine
shaft… It can have any number of gear teeth … the gear is splind
on to the shaft of the motor… another one, identical, is on the
shaft of the Vac engine… a round rubber, cylinder with the inside
shaped like the 8 gear teeth slips over the motor and Vac engine
gears thus holding them together and when the motor turns so does the
Vac engine…

The one I require and cannot find has 8 fingers or wheel gears… .
the rubber covering is about 2 inches long and a diameter of 1
inch… checked with the current Vigor owner as well as my local

Anyone know of a Company that has a great and varied supply of
Lovejoy connectors…?? Aware that I could change connectors… but
would prefer to keep that same … it is spindled on’… or keyed

Jim C

Hi Jim, I’m very familiar with Lovejoy couplings and they can
usually be purchased from most bearing/power transmission dealers.
Also Lovejoy has a web site. You should be able to find a part number
on your coupling . Lovejoy can give you the nearest dealer in your

A Lovejoy Coupling is a specific brand. I would recommend checking
with Rubber and belting suppliers. You might look in W W Graingers
also. If that fails call Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
wholesalers (HVAC) the exact same setup is used on many of the vacuum
pumps we use. We regularly send in our pumps for service when they
break. I think that the pumps are the same as those used in the
jewelry industry only that the brand names are different. J/B,
Ritchie Engineering, and Thermal are some of the mfg of similar Vac
Pumps; Welch Scientific markets more to the laboratory market. Also
you could try a bearing supplier they usually also carry belts,
pulleys, gears etc. There should be some letters and or numbers on
the coupling somewhere for part number (6J etc) that together with
the shaft size, mounting (e.g. setscrew), dimensions etc. That info
will help you to get the replacement or equivalent.

Dan Wellman
Indianapolis In

Jim, Granger has the coupling you need. Either that or contact the
vacuum pump mfg. Hope this helps. Harold