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Videos for inspiration

oops. i was just reading orchid messages and realized that the last
one i sent had not repeated the previous message so that you would
know what i was asking about. this is how it should have gone:

lgoriginal said "Hi All, I have just finished viewing all of Alan
Revere’s videos and they are truly wonderful. "

i have been curious about them for a while because there isn’t much
structured instruction in jewelry-making where i live. also, because
i am a slow learner and have to practice practice practice a skill
other people seem to pick up easily. but, none of the libraries in my
area own any of the videos. i’d like to see one before i buy because
i have bought other videos that i have been disappointed with. even
an investment in one video is expensive, but i keep wondering whether
i shouldn’t buy them all in a set and save some money (rio grande
offers them cheaper as a set if i remember correctly.). i’m not sure
that i would even need all the videos because i’m not sure that i will
ever need learn some of the techniques offered (i’m not interested in
stone setting for example.).

how good are they for beginners? i had wondered whether there are so
many techniques offered in one video that it would be hard to extract
the very basics (i’m thinking of soldering). also, i am oriented
toward learning from books, so sometimes i feel a video doesn’t add
anything to what a book has told me. unfortunately, books don’t tell
me all i would like to know in jewelry-making.

thank you for your comments,
jean adkins, beginner
in columbus, ohio