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Video rentals

If Alan Revere is reading this thread: What do you think, Alan (and
anyone else who has made a video out there). Have you dealt with this
issue before? How did Ray Gabriel compensate you for the rental of
your videos? Personally, I’d rent one in order to preview it. If it
was of value to me, I’d want to own it, so the rental wouldn’t
preclude a sale as far as I’m concerned. A good video is a valuable
tool…well worth owning, and paying rightly for. Karen

Thanks Karen, I have produced a series of original diamond setting
books and video’s since 1984. Presently I am producing a series of
video’s to support each unit a new diamond setting manual that will
soon be published. Considering the cost of production, duplication,
labeling, and marketing, it would not be feasible to continue if a
rental agency was to buy one or two and profit from repeat rentals.
Each rental represents a lost sale to distributors. I have never
been approached to share in any of such profits. As far as books are
concerned, I am glad to sell books to library services. It is good
exposure and enhances a reader to purchase his/her own copy for
reference. Robert R. Wooding

Robert, I’m with Karen on this topic. Previewing a book OR video is a
Great inducement to me to purchase. At times the preview has been
what convinced me to purchase.

Sometimes I don’t know if I involve myself in these activities for
the creative pleasure, or because I love books and tools. wide crazy

You can page through a book, read the table of contents, check out the
index and bibliography. These things tell me a lot about the author
and timbre of the book. Videos lack these tools of evaluation. I
read the reviews and descriptions of videos, but they are not always
handy when the opportunity to purchase the video is at hand. So, I
have purchased videos now languishing, because the subject matter was
not well described in the printed label, or the skill level was too
basic, or way beyond my current expertise. With this experience, I
have stopped purchasing from some producers, because one or two videos
did not meet my expectations. I know, not a good thing. One
disappointing video doesn’t mean others are not worth purchasing.
Like most, I need to be prudent with my educational dollar. I am
willing to pay top dollar for top instruction, and that means doing
some research before I buy. Thanks for the
forum for the opportunity to comment. Connie