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[Video] Gems Setting

hi folks

This here setter is making it finally big-time, not like being in
Hollywood, but close enough,EH? If anyone wants to click on to

Some of the video’s have not been made available…but mine is one of
the very first to be seen.

yippee! This will be going full tilt right after January/08, as a
pay-per-view site but anyone can register and view each video as many
times a day as you need. My particular video is all about “Setting
Baguettes” really easy stuff, right? As you are watching any video
you can click unto “Full Screen” to see up close. This site will be
accepting membership to any jeweller/craftsperson.

For a simple $95.00 per YEAR!, you will be able to see each month
newer videos coming online…but now and always, will you be able to
view…“New Products” and Network Affiliates" at NO CHARGE. Brad Simon
is suggesting to me that I inform you that this site is still under
construction and lots more features will be added.


hey jerry, thanks for the video, as being 99% new to stonesetting
and also being self taught i will destroy many pieces just out of
shear knowlege deficit, im okay with that as the price of tuition,
the video and others i have bought are helpful, i mostly worked with
beads and such. please email me offlist so i can find your site and
ask questions if i get stuck.

ken mitchell